Allison Cascade Kozel


Allison is a NYS Licensed Wilderness Guide and Mountain Climber, raised in the foothills of the Adirondacks. Named after the Adirondack Peak, Cascade. The daughter of avid winter mountaineer and landscape photographer Bill “Mad Dog” Kozel (46er #1529W, #29 Winter); she was naturally adventure driven from a young age. Allison spent her youth exploring the most remote portions of Adirondack Park and beyond, completing her first round of the 46 High Peaks in 1995 on Mount Colden, just days after her 13th birthday. She has since made multiple ascents of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks, as well as hundreds of additional named peaks and trails throughout North America. Allison specializes in YDS Class 1 – 4 free climbing (hiking), scree and slide climbing as well as, backpacking, bushwhacking, camping and canoeing.

Always in search of new and inspiring terrain, Allison left a successful corporate career to focus on an “adventurepreneur” lifestyle. Allison now shares her expertise mentoring others on their outdoor journeys, choosing to pursue a life of passion for the wilderness and the people in it. 

  • NYS Licensed Guide #8217

  • Wilderness First Responder – Wilderness Medical Associates International

  • Adirondack 46er #3757

  • Saranac 6 #2852

  • Lake George 12ster #292

  • Tupper Lake Triad Winter Ultra #803 (163W)


Sean Iannucci


Sean found nature as balance and peace to his intense career as a New York City Police Lieutenant and Detective, spending any and all free time in the mountains tuning his hiking and camping skills. As his taste for adventure expanded, Sean chose to retire from the police force and focus entirely on the mountains, completing some of the most difficult hikes in North America. He quickly discovered a passion for ultra and thru style hikes and now enjoys assisting others in planning and completing these challenges safely and with a lot of laughs.

  • NYS Licensed Guide #8273

  • Wilderness First Aid & CPR - Wilderness Medical Associates International

  • Ascent Mount Rainier

  • Ascent Mount Baker

  • Northville-Placid Trail (2016 thru)

  • Northeast Ultra 8 #11

  • Adirondack 46er #9696

  • Catskill 3500'er #2949

  • Saranac 6 Ultra Winter #2061

  • Tupper Lake Triad Ultra Winter #495


Corey Fehlner

licensed guide / educator

An Adirondack native, Corey spent his youth exploring the Eastern High Peaks, developing a niche for remote pond and stream fishing, wilderness survival skills and backwoods skiing. After years as a ski instructor and building a successful adrenaline driven career in winter sports broadcasting he returned to his Adirondack roots to focus on building a family. Trading in camera equipment to become a licensed NYS guide, Wilderness First Responder and DEC Caretaker for the remote Lake Colden Outpost. As a Wilderness First Responder, Corey has assisted in countless successful search and rescue missions and is currently a local volunteer EMS First Responder. Corey brings a special patience and talent for teaching, especially with children, “Start 'em young!”

  • NYS Licensed Guide #6730

  • Wilderness First Responder – Wilderness Medical Associates International