As the Highest Peak in New York State, Mount Marcy Stands at 5,343 ft and is the 19th highest point in the United States. Her beauty is not limited to the expansive 360 degree views. Marcy showcases a primitive arctic alpine zone with one of the most unique and endangered ecosystems in North America.

Despite the hundreds of visitors who flock to Marcy’s grandeur each year, this peak is notably one of the higher risk areas in the Adirondacks due to its underestimated difficulty and constantly changing extreme weather conditions. The shortest, steepest and most popular route clocks in at 14.8 miles of river crossings, muddy bogs, boulder filled trails and steep rock scrambles. With multiple route options, Muddy Boots creates a safe adventure that pushes personal boundaries, promotes recreational responsibility, alpine habitat preservation, and the history of the area all while visiting the the hidden gems most visitors miss along the way.