We know what's outside can change what's inside


Coming together to share hiking and camping will conserve and protect the natural places that fulfill us



Muddy Boots is an outdoor adventure and education based guide service designed to elevate novice to advanced level adventurists by facilitating their wilderness goals. Our passionate and professional team is continually perfecting the art of adventuring through customized seasonal activities ranging from family friendly hikes to challenging multi-summit expeditions, winter hiking, snowshoeing, backpacking, thru and ultra hikes, camping, women focused outings, group excursions, and workshops.

Don't have the proper equipment? No problem! Just let us know what you need via our Muddy Gear Rental link. We'll bring the gear and the good vibes. You bring your sense of adventure. — coming soon!


Muddy Boots are a badge of honor. A sign that you've been actively preventing trail erosion by stepping through the mud. It also proves you've been adventuring somewhere awesome. The muddier the better! Representing both principles of our brand – Good Times and Conservation!


Our team recognizes that people want to get out and experience the wild for themselves. This desire for the solitude and beauty that nature provides can come at a cost to the land, resources and sometimes life, but it doesn’t have to. By hand crafting approachable wilderness education and experiences, we can make collective progress in preserving the places and the safety of the people who enjoy them. Muddy Boots’ solution is to break adventurists into two branches of Hiking Smarter.

Adventures - Building trips appropriately suited to skill levels and objectives. Ensuring safe and memorable adventures without all the preparedness and planning required when going at it alone. Don’t worry, you’ll learn plenty on these trips too!

Learning – Mentoring to hone techniques and outdoor skills, while learning trail etiquette, conservation and safety. Making each adventure more enriched and successful.

As a result of our beliefs and values, we have created a one-stop shop for wilderness adventures, exploration, wellness and team building. Let us bring your adventure to life.